Well-Managed Schools


Well-Managed Schools is a widely used manualized classroom management program adapted from the Teaching Family Model (Wolf et al., 1976) for use in general education classrooms. WMS uses the approach of embedding social skills instruction into daily instructional activities and using naturalistic opportunities to re-teach skills using the teaching interactions. The main components that make up WMS are: (1) building positive relationships and classroom climate; (2) teaching school success skills; (3) reinforcing classroom and school success skills to increase appropriate behavior; and (4) responding to inappropriate behavior through corrective teaching strategies.

The research team will collect data from observations, teacher measures, and student measures on three occasions during the first year; follow-up observations and teacher assessment will occur twice during the second year. The research team will begin data analysis in Year 3 of the project, where they will provide evidence of the impact of WMS on teachers' classroom management practices and evidence of the effect of those practices on student social and academic outcomes.