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Researcher Recommendations - See what our clients are saying about SRS


J Arbuckle

I've relied on CSSM for a lot of my survey research for 10 years now. They are great to work with and know their stuff. I recently contracted the CSSM to do my annual survey of Iowa farmers, the Iowa Farm and Rural Life Poll. Working with [staff] to get the sampling and mixed-mode design just right has been a lot of fun and I'm looking forward to working with CSSM on the Farm Poll for years to come.

Dr. J. Gordon Arbuckle
Professor of Sociology, ISU

Alicia Carriquiry

I have worked with CSSM as an individual researcher and now also as the director of a center on campus. The CSSM staff are very well qualified, up to date with the latest technology in surveys and computing, and do excellent work. If high quality results is what you expect, CSSM is the best choice.

Dr. Alicia Carriquiry
Director of CSAFE - Distinguished Professor of Economics - ISU

Rhonda Chittenden

SRS created two videos for our project, including a video report on adolescent health data. they patiently and expertly executed the visual and sound elements through multiple iterations until we reached the final product. This is a new and exciting way to share this kind of data with stakeholders and the public.

Rhonda Chittenden
Iowa Youth Health Assessment Coordinator - Iowa Department of Publich Health

Jan Thompson

I'm fortunate to have been able to work with personnel in the CSSM and SRS units at Iowa State for several years and on a number of projects. I've always received very timely and valuable advice and guidance from them. I also really appreciate the direct assistance they have provided on a variety of projects including facilitation of focus groups and experimental auctions, in addition to their expert contributions to survey design and administration for natural resource-related research projects.

Dr. Jan Thompson
Morrill Professor - Natural Resource Ecology & Management - ISU

Greg Welk

I have relied on the expert team from CSSM to handle data collection and data processing for an array of projects. The team helped me handle a complex NIH-funded survey study that necessitated telephone recruitment, in-home visits and follow-up interviews using their robust Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) system. They kept the projects on schedule and produced detailed reports and files that greatly facilitated the project. I have continued to use the CSSM staff for grants and projects requiring detailed survey/interview data collection protocols and greatly appreciate their expertise.

Dr. Greg Welk
U-TuRn - Professor of Kinesiology - ISU

Wendong Zhang

CSSM has made my survey research so much more efficient and enjoyable since I joined ISU since 2015. Regardless if it is about farmland ownership or water quality, CSSM staff has provided great expertise and care in making survey questions relevant and relatable. When I communicate with collaborators in other universities, many of them envy this wonderful service we have at ISU. Fun fact: I was deeply impressed by the radio quality voices of the interviewers hired for the phone survey of Iowa landowners.

Dr. Wendong Zhang
Assistant Professor of Economics - ISU