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2023 Edge-of-Field Conservation Practices Survey


Dear Iowa Farmland Owner,

Researchers with the Conservation Learning Group at Iowa State University are conducting a research project to find better ways to increase the adoption of edge of field practices and further accelerate progress toward Iowa’s nutrient reduction goals. Our research is evaluating Iowa landowners’ and farmers’ views on, and barriers to, adopting key edge-of-field practices: bioreactors, saturated buffers and wetlands.

As part of this research, we are asking for your help.  We are conducting a survey to learn about your experiences with edge of field practices and your willingness to install new edge of field practices on your land. Even if you don’t have any edge of field practices on your land, we still want to hear from you. As a thank you, we have included a small token of our appreciation.

The survey should take about 15-20 minutes to complete. The survey displays best when accessed on a desktop or laptop computer. Please don’t use a smart phone to access the survey. 

To complete the electronic survey, please click on the red "Login" button below and enter the personalized access code provided in your invitation letter. 

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The information you provide is confidential, will not be linked to identifying information, and will be combined with other growers’ responses for summary reports. Your response is voluntary; however, your participation is very important so we can get an accurate picture of Iowa farmers’ experience with and opinions about edge-of-field practices.

If you feel you have been contacted in error, or have any questions about this survey please call our project staff at 877-578-8848, toll-free.  

We appreciate your assistance with this important research project.



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Jacqueline Comito 

Leader, Conservation Learning Group 

Adjunct Assistant Faculty, Natural Resource Ecology and Management 

Iowa State University