Survey Research Services (SRS)


Survey Research Services Team

Survey Research Services (SRS) was established to provide a full array of research services from proposal preparation and submission to broad based data collection services. Established in 2010, SRS integrates the many competencies and long-term experience of data collection and behavioral coding staff from two widely respected centers, the Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology (CSSM) and the Institute for Social and Behavioral Research (ISBR).

Our staff has worked on projects covering a wide range of subjects, including medicine, sociology, agriculture, education and economics. Additionally, an experienced proposal development team is available to assist with the submission of grants. SRS is part of the ISU Statistical Laboratory and draws from the broad statistical and research design expertise found there.          

Survey Research Services Projects

Researchers at the Iowa State University Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology (CSSM) and the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) are conducting a survey of over 63,000 science professionals from 16 science-based US government agencies. The 2018 survey is part of ongoing research by UCS to better understand the state of scientific integrity in federal agencies and departments and government scientists’ work environment.

As part of a comprehensive effort to reduce nutrient and soil loss from farm fields into Iowa’s waterways the State of Iowa, in May of 2013, implemented a Nutrient Reduction Strategy (NRS).  The Iowa Nutrient Management Survey was then developed and in 2014 Iowa State University’s Center for Survey Statistics and Methodology (CSSM) was contracted to conduct this mail survey with Iowa farmers annually for five years.

The Student Success System, or Triple-S, is designed to promote student success by promoting skills and by preventing substance use and related problem behaviors, such as aggression, fighting and delinquency.

Well-Managed Schools is a widely used manualized classroom management program adapted from the Teaching Family Model (Wolf et al., 1976) for use in general education classrooms. WMS uses the approach of embedding social skills instruction into daily instructional activities and using naturalistic opportunities to re-teach skills using the teaching interactions.   The purpose of this project is to provide evidence of the impact of WMS on teachers' classroom management practices and the effect of those practices on student social and academic outcomes. 

A Study of Iowa Farmland Ownership and Tenure is conducted every 5 years for the Iowa Legislature.

SRS routinely conducts a wide range of web surveys for Iowa State University administration, departments, and affiliated units.

  State of Iowa's annual state wide survey of seat belt use.