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Survey Research Services offers a wide range of research support services to meet all data collection needs. Our center is home to a team of experts who specialize in a variety of data collection modes. Please take a look at a some of our services and supported data collection modes below.

Supported Data Collection Modes

Online/Web Surveys

Online/Web Surveys

Low cost and customizable

(Sample project: ISU Administrative Web Surveys)

Mail & Paper SurveysMail & Paper Surveys

Excellent coverage and elevated response

(Sample project: Iowa Nutrient Management Survey)

Phone SurveysPhone Surveys

Enhanced control and participant support from our calling center experts (Sample project: Land Ownership)

Mixed-Mode SurveysMixed-Mode Surveys

The benefits of both web and mail surveys; a great option when targeting populations with different needs or when budget allows.

Video CodingVideo Coding

Using standardized methods to identify and tally recorded behaviors

Focus GroupsFocus Groups

Increased insight into participant perspectives; excellent means of collecting data prior to questionnaire development (Sample project: INFEWS)


Excellent for program evaluation and collecting information on group interviews (Sample project: Well-Managed Schools)

One-on-One InterviewsOne-on-One Interviews

Dig deeper into participant beliefs and experiences with one-on-one engagement

Description of Services

Research Consultation

Research Consultation: survey options, questionnaire and sample design advice, proposal collaboration, program evaluation planning, and cost estimates

  • Survey options
  • Basic questionnaire design advice
  • Sample design
  • Proposal collaboration
  • Program evaluation planning
  • Cost estimates

Quality research data requires careful planning and attention to best evidence-based practices in survey design and data collection. Our experienced team offers free consultations, along with up to three hours of complimentary study design guidance to help make your project a success.

Sampling Expertise

Sampling Expertise

  • Sample frame development
  • Sample acquisition

No matter which populations you are trying to reach, CSSM and SRS are here to help you develop a sample frame that meets the needs of your project and acquire your sample whenever you're ready. CSSM's statisticians provide expert sample guidance and our experienced staff at SRS work with you to create a tailored recruitment plan with outreach modes that will target your specific sample. With a staff that is fully trained in professional recruitment methods, SRS is able to reach more participants than one researcher could ever reach alone.

Questionnaire Design

Questionnaire Design & Testing: question content and formatting, web survey programming, and cognitive testing

  • Question content and formatting
  • Web survey programming
  • Up to 3 hours of complimentary help for student researchers

Our staff has kept up with decades of research on best practices in questionnaire design. We provide as much or as little support as you need to refine your questionnaire.

Questionnaire & Instrument Testing

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  • Cognitive testing for question clarity and effectiveness
  • Pilot testing

This vital step in the planning process ensures that your data collection instruments are measuring what you want to know, that each measure is clear, and that the available response options represent a range of participant experiences. SRS staff recruit a pool of pilot participants to test your instruments and provide detailed feedback so that you can begin your study with confidence.

Data Collection

Data Collection: Participant recruitment and tracking, response tracking, participant outreach and support

  • Participant recruitment
  • Participant response tracking
  • Participant support
  • Participant outreach via phone, email, mail, text, and social media

SRS employs a variety of research experts, each with expertise in particular modes of data collection. We offer services pertaining to a wide variety of survey modes (see "Supported Survey Modes" above) and we also provide full participant support and response tracking during the data collection process.

Data Processing

Data Processing & Dissemination: Coding, scanning, verifying, cleaning, infographics

  • Coding
  • Scanning
  • Verifying
  • Cleaning

Let our team handle the coding, verification, and cleaning process so that you can get right to work with your data.

Data Weighting & Analysis

Data Weighting & Analysis: Provided by our expert CSSM statisticians

Our expert CSSM statisticians are available to weight and analyze the quantitative data we gather for you. We also have staff available to provide qualitative coding and other types of analysis.

Data Dissemination

Data Dissemination

  • Methodology reports
  • Infographics
  • Project flyers and postcards
  • Video data reports

Need help with data dissemination post-analysis? SRS staff can design engaging infographic materials, promotional project flyers and postcards, and video data reports to help your stakeholders grasp the significance of your data. See a sample video data report here.

Training & Class Presentations

Class Presentations & Training: Research methods, survey and question design, behavioral observation coding

  • Research methods
  • In-person and remote focus group facilitation
  • Survey design and effective question development
  • Behavioral observation coding

We offer a full range of trainings on a variety of data collection and coding methods. Our staff is also available for educational classroom visits on questionnaire design and data collection methods.